Please check off all sessions you wish to secure below, and then submit your Registration Form to us.  You will then be contacted via email with the cost of your total session fees.




Once your selections are made and you have submitted your Registration Form, you will receive an invoice.  If you checked the Payment Plan option, you will also be sent a schedule of payment dates.  You will be given the opportunity to register for the *NEWLY* Added Session:  WRITING OUTSIDE THE BOX, at the time your invoice is presented.


We may or may not be adding more sessions to this year’s already full Line-Up.  We will keep you updated.  If there are topics not listed here which you are interested in, drop us a line at and if there is enough interest, we’ll try to get them added.


To see a full listing of conference costs, please click HERE!

23 thoughts on “Registration

  1. Registered! Please take the last submission only = 4 Books, 3 Sessions, pay in full. Finally got it right (I hope). Looking forward to this year’s EXPO…due to other commitments missed out last year…so I’m a newbie (not sure what to expect, so may need some guidance). Thanks! 🙂 ~Bette


  2. I finally got around to registering. Thanks for the reminder, Nonnie! My brain is on overload way too often lately. lol! I am excited about this conference! The sessions look amazing!


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